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S.S. Central America California Fractional Gold

Financial History in Your Hands

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Can you imagine living in San Francisco in the 1850s?

Walking the streets of a town exploding with opportunity at every turn. Ships arriving daily carrying enthusiastic immigrants from all over the world hoping to strike it rich. I love Western Americana and I have specialized in California Gold for more than 25 years, and when I did the court appraisal of the 2014 recovery from the site of the SS Central America, I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hands.

Adam Crum, President

Golden Time Capsule

The just over 100 California Fractional gold coins which were brought up from the depths of the sea in 2014 are a true time capsule. This small group are and always will be the coins held up as the standard for all California Fractionals. While they have been exciting collectibles for generations and though much has been published about the importance of their existence in early California commerce, they haven’t been without controversy and intrigue.

Because the dies used to mint these small gold coins were carved by notable jewelers of San Francisco, they were preserved in many cases, surviving specimens have always been viewed a bit questionable. That is why the treasure coins recovered in 2014 from the SS Central America are so exciting. Without a shadow of a doubt, these small treasures have a rich provenance directly from the California Gold Rush, as well as, the Greatest Treasure Ever Found, the SS Central America.

California Fractionals

They are known as California Fractionals, because they were made with gold weights valued at 25 Cents, 50 cents and $1. Dwight Manley of California Gold Marketing Group confirms, “This is the finest known group of its kind in history, the condition of these coins is unrivaled, and for the first time ever PCGS has designated dozens as proof-like.”

More than 50 of the coins are finer than any previously known fractionals of their respective variety. The super gem specimens are such high quality that curator and historian Bob Evans said, “As I curated these fabulous wonders under the microscope I was struck by both the crudeness of their manufacture and by the remarkable state of preservation, many of them looking as if a San Francisco jeweler had minted them yesterday.”

Co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service, David Hall, described the treasure as “literally a historic and financial time machine, taking you back to the minds of the public during the California Gold Rush.”

President’s Message

I am so excited for the opportunity to have the exclusivity in offering these small gold treasures to my customers. Little doubt they will sell quickly, and I encourage you take advantage of this unique offering of true “History in Your Hands.” Collectors who acquire these historic monetary Gold Rush artifacts, will be the very first owners of these Fractional Gold Coins in over 162 years, since their sinking on the SSCA in 1857! The next owner will be the Custodian of something very special. . . real everyday money, for ordinary people from a not so ordinary town. . . a long, long time ago – Adam Crum

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