American Silver Eagles Fly High; Low Prices Spark Sales

The America Silver Eagle

U.S. Mint ASE Sales Skyrocket!

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Why Do Investors and Collectors Love American Silver Eagles?

Because they are beautiful pieces of monetary art, struck in pure silver, guaranteed by the United States Government for their weight, content, and purity. Earlier this year, U.S Mint sales were so strong production was temporarily suspended when inventory ran out! The blend of beauty and liquidity makes the ASE the perfect precious metal purchase for Collectors, Investors, and Silver Stackers alike.

Powerful Case for Silver

Silver is the everyman’s gold and undervalued relative to current gold prices, making it an affordable investment option with huge upside potential, partly because of its increased viability as an industrial metal. In the past, when paper currencies were actually backed by precious metals, the Gold to Silver Ratio was 16:1. It’s been almost 50 years since President Nixon unpegged the US dollar from the gold standard, but if adjusted for today, the ratio would be more like 80:1! So, if silver realigned with its historic ratios, it would be worth over $75 per ounce today! With limited supplies and increased demand, the Silver Ceiling has yet to be defined… with huge upside potential.

Collectors’ Choice

American Silver Eagles continue to be a Collectors’ Choice… Beautifully struck in 99.9% pure silver, this one-ounce legal tender bullion coin is one of the most collected American coins in the world. Ever since its debut in 1986, American Silver Eagles have been a popular choice for collectors who seek to assemble a complete set of American Silver Eagles by acquiring a coin from every year of mintage, consisting of 34 coins from 1986 to the present, including key dates, that have been certified and graded in Mint State condition.

Investors’ Demand

As for investing, American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins are in high demand as one of the most widely traded silver bullion coins that are welcome in all major investment markets worldwide. Many Investors buy Silver Eagles as a tangible liquid investment for a hedge against inflation, and a safe haven investment for retirement nest-eggs. Silver Eagles sales remain strong year-after-year, but it will take another financial economic crisis to push annual sales back up to the 35-40+ million coin range we saw a decade ago. We may likely see that demand in the next few years as the global financial system unwinds due to massive unsustainable debt and international tensions that may lead to another war.

Classic Contemporary Design

The American Silver Eagle design was an instant success with the blending of the classic “Walking Liberty” obverse coin design from over a hundred years ago by famed sculptor, Adolph A. Weinman, in 1916, coupled with a contemporary American Eagle reverse design which the coin is named after by John Mercanti, the 12th Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, who is considered the most prolific coin designer in U.S. Mint history.


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