He sought out a major wholesaler that he has known as a friend and business associate for decades to form Finest Known, LLC. Combined, the new leadership team has over 150 years of experience in numismatics. This new partnership instantly strengthens the company’s infrastructure, provides access to a greater and more varied inventory than ever before, and dramatically expands the reach of the company’s network.


Adam Crum, President

Adam Crum

Troy Baker, Senior Numismatic Advisor

Troy Baker
Assistant Vice President

Brad Moseley, Senior Numismatic Advisor

Brad Moseley
AVP of Client Development

John Damiano, Digital Marketing Manager

John Damiano
Director of Information Technology

Bill Brown, Numismatic Acquisition Advisor

Bill Brown
Numismatic Acquisition Advisor

Russ Winokur, Senior Account Representative

Russ Winokur
Senior Account Representative

Alex Benbrahim - Senior Account Representative

Alex Benbrahim
Senior Account Representative

Ernest English, Senior Numismatic Advisor

Ernest English
Senior Numismatic Advisor

Karl Newman, Marketing Director

Karl Newman
Marketing Director

Monaco’s Evolution

After over 20 years as one of the country’s premier high-end retail coin companies, Monaco Rare Coins has become Finest Known. Adam Crum, the head of Monaco Rare Coins since its inception in 1998, has developed several strategic partnerships to access the largest array of modern, ancient, and rare coins the market has to offer to form Adam Crum’s Finest Known, a new direction and expansion into a full-service numismatic and precious metals coin company. We have expanded our rare coin inventory and strengthened our infrastructure to provide our customers with the finest service available.

Exquisite, Historic Rarities

Finest Known specializes in rare coins, ancient coinage, shipwreck treasure, currency, documents, art and artifacts of historical significance. Customers have telephone access to our experienced team of Numismatic Advisors for one-one sales consultations, or can shop online inventory on our secure e-commerce website. Coming soon is Finest Known Auctions, a 24/7 online auction platform for coins consigned by collectors, investors, and dealers, with future live auctions featured several times a year. Later this year, Finest Known will launch Numismatic University, an online educational platform to educate and inform, available 24/7/365, any time on any device.

Finest Service

Finest Known, fulfilling Adam Crum’s vision for a truly full service coin company, with its tremendous and unparalleled access to suppliers around the globe, as well as, its knowledgeable and veteran staff, now more than ever has the resources to represent any level of collector or investor, whether clients are looking to build onto their existing portfolios or to monetize any size collection.Reach out to our Finest Known team during normal business hours (Pacific Time) at 888-900-9948, or email us at info@finestknown.com.