Adam Crum was first introduced to coin collecting by his father as a young boy growing up in Texas. He began collecting coins at the age of five when his Dad gave him his first Whitman Books for Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels and Mercury Dimes. He and his father would go through large jars of coins looking for the rare wheat pennies or buffalo nickels, then placing those finds in his coin books.

Adam began his formal career in numismatics at the age of 22 and has been a Full-time coin dealer since 1987. Today, he is widely known and respected in the numismatic industry with over 30 years of hands-on experience as one of the top rare coin experts and traders in the nation. Adam led Monaco Rare Coins as Vice President for 22 years, since its inception in 1998. Today, as President of Finest Known, he currently manages one of the industry’s largest rare coin inventories in the nation, and hand picks every coin himself.


Adam Crum is a world-class Numismatist, seasoned auction buyer and seller, and he has facilitated over $1 billion in rare coin transactions.  As a leading Inside Trader, he is a trusted source for rarities to some of the nation’s leading coin dealers. Adam is considered the foremost expert on Type-I Gold and is a leading shipwreck treasure expert on SS Central America, SS Republic and other notable shipwreck treasures.

He is a Smithsonian contributor and was instrumental in rebuilding the public exhibit at the “Stories on Money” in the National Museum of American History. Adam is a respected member of the PNG (Professional Numismatist Guild) and a life member to the ANA (American Numismatic Association), as well as, most other nationally recognized numismatic organizations.


Adam Crum is a best-selling author of numismatic books including, “Carson City Morgan Dollars”, and “An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type I Double Eagles”. He is a long-time contributor to the “The Official Guide Book of U.S. Coins” (Redbook).

His contributions can be seen throughout many best-selling numismatic texts including the “Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins”, the “100 Greatest United States Coins” and countless others. He has also published one of the longest running numismatic newsletters for over 20 years, “The Rare Coin Insider,” and has been featured in many numismatic publications and industry videos.

Hall of Fame

Adam assisted in the assembly of building the only complete Type I $20 gold piece set ever assembled, which included one of only two specimens of the 1861 Philadelphia “Paquet Reverse”, as well as, all of the excessively rare proofs. He has handled the majority of the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, and he has assembled some of the finest rare coin sets in existence today. In addition, he has handled most of the finest numismatic rarities known, including the 1787 Brasher Doubloon, America’s first gold coin and considered by many to be the most valuable gold coin extant. He currently has a 1907 Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagle with San Serif Edge for sale, one of only two known, and the only one in private hands, first struck in February 1907.