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Civil War Gold Coins

Civil War Gold Coins were minted during the years 1861-1865, a historic time that defined our nation. Civil War gold coins for sale offer a glimpse into the past where money and history come together to tell the story of the War Between the States.

Civil War dated gold coins include the $1 Gold Dollar, $2.50 Quarter Eagle, $3 Gold Piece, $5 Half Eagle, $10 Eagle, and $20 Double Eagle. After secession in 1861, the Confederacy took over three Southern Branch Mints; New Orleans Louisiana, Dahlonega Georgia, and Charlotte North Carolina.

Initially, small numbers of gold coins were produced from U.S. dies at all three branches until the Federal bullion supply was depleted. The only Southern Mint to return to production after the war was the New Orleans Mint, re-opening in 1879.

The Philadelphia Mint slowed minting gold towards the end of 1861, with low mintages during the war, then ramping back to normal production a few years after. The San Francisco Branch Mint quickly struck $20 Liberty Double Eagles and shipped them back east to support the war effort. There are many fun ways to collect Civil War Gold; by Type, By Date, by Mint, and more.