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Civil War Dated Gold Coins

Civil War Gold coins dated 1861 – 1865, is an era that defined our nation. At the start of the Civil War, the Confederate South commandeered the three U.S. Branch Mints; Charlotte, Dahlonega, and New Orleans.

The Confederate’s kept minting coins for the South, until the bullion supplies ran out. The Philadelphia Mint dropped down to minimum production, and the San Francisco Branch Mint safely located in the west, struck most of the Civil War Dated Gold.

Although the Civil War hindered the production of gold coins, they were nevertheless minted in six denominations, including the $20 Double Eagle, $10 Eagle, $5 Half Eagle, ,$2.50 quarter eagle, three-dollar gold piece, and gold dollar. The quarter eagle, half eagle, and all have identical Liberty Head designs, and the gold dollar and three-dollar gold piece features an Indian Princess Head design.

Few areas in the rare date gold market have seen more recent collector interest than Civil War gold, it is one of the more popular specialties in U.S. numismatics. There are still a many of Civil War date issues available which are highly underrated and very obtainable for most collectors.