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Shipwreck Gold Coins

Civil War-era shipwreck gold coins are truly historical coins with spectacular stories behind them, and S.S. Republic gold coins are highly desired and collected Civil War Shipwreck Gold.

A few months after the Civil War, the ex-military carrier S.S. Republic sailed from New York to New Orleans in October 1865, loaded with cargo to help rebuild the war-torn South and approximately $400,000 in gold and silver coins intended to bolster the post-war economy.

On October 25, 1865, the sidewheel steamer, SS Republic was caught in a massive hurricane 100 miles off the coast of Savannah Georgia and sank 1,700 feet below the Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately, the crew and passengers escaped death in makeshift rafts and lifeboats battling 40-foot waves.

The shipwreck gold remained undisturbed for nearly 140 years, until November 2003, when Odyssey Marine Exploration used a high-tech ROV for archaeological excavation and recovery. A treasure trove of over 51,000 U.S. gold and silver coins lay on the ocean bottom like a glittering carpet of coins near the ship’s rudder.

This Civil War-era shipwreck is a historical time capsule, preserving gold coins in pristine condition with historic provenance, to the delight of collectors and investors alike.