SSCA $20 Gold Sells For $282,000!!

Superb Gem 1857-S Double Eagle Sells for $282,000

SSCA Shipwreck Survivor Record Sale!

Arguably the most beautiful 1857-S double eagle recovered in 2014 from the shipwreck site of the SS Central America set a record when it crossed the auction block for an amazing $282,000.

It is touted as one of the most beautifully toned gold coins we have ever seen. It has become perhaps the most famous of all 1857-S double eagles. Used in the early marketing efforts of the second round of coins recovered from the SS Central America treasure it has received worldwide attention for its uniqueness and truly remarkable beauty. Given the title “Supernova” by those closest to the treasure, this specimen is undoubtedly among the finest known 1857-S double eagles, or for that matter, any early dated Type I double eagle.

Not only is this remarkable specimen unique in the world of numismatics with its amazing color and gem surfaces, but it also has its pedigree from the Greatest Treasure Ever Found. Combine this coin’s obvious eye appeal with its historical past and it is little wonder it commanded such a high premium.

The Greatest Treasure Ever Found

The S.S. Central America, known as “The Ship of Gold,” was a 280-foot side-wheel steamer that carried passengers and Gold from the California Gold Rush. On September 12, 1857, the SSCA sunk in a hurricane 200 miles off the Carolina Coast in 8,000 feet below the Atlantic, taking the lives of 425 men and over 4,700 pounds of California gold to the bottom of the ocean floor, where it remained for 130 years, until discovered.

It sat alongside some 10,000 other gold coins varying in denomination and quality for nearly 140 years, literally an undisturbed time capsule which sank in a hurricane in 1857. The tragic story of the side-wheel steamer is well known among collectors and historians ever since the treasure was discovered in 1988. Most of the gold was recovered in 1988 and 1989 and distributed to collectors and investors in 2000-2004. However, this amazing specimen wasn’t discovered until 2014 when a team of researchers and treasure hunters returned to the site and brought up another load valued at nearly $50,000,000. Most of which has been sold into the market.

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