Buddy Ebsen (April 2, 1908- July 6, 2003) was known as an American dancer and actor and performed in many different American productions over his seven-decade career. However more than anything he was known for his role as the star of The Beverly Hillbillies, the 1960Õs television show. Although most people as a performer mainly knew him, to many he was considered to be an extremely prolific collector and is one of the most popular celebrity coin collectors of all time.

Buddy Edsen was known for going to great lengths in order to make his collection as successful as possible. He is also known for being not just an avid collector but also a very knowledgeable one. He was extremely fond of American gold coins and over the years acquired many different types of gold type set, which is a set of the Panama Pacific commemorative coins. These coins were in their original copper frame and were just a portion of the incredible collection that he gathered throughout his lifetime. Although Buddy Ebsen is considered to be one of the most popular celebrity collectors, he sold his collection for quite much more than he invested in it. Even though he sold his collection, he still continued to show interest in the hobby as he shortly after founded the Beverly Hills Coin Club with Chris Aable to show he wasn’t stopping with his passion. If you are interested in learning more about the collection of Buddy Ebsen as well as other celebrity collectors, the best thing to do is contact a numismatist in order to get information on these collections and the possibility of purchasing these pieces.