Likely you’ve heard of the 13 Colonies from school in American History class. It was a period of time when there were only 13 states in the Unites States and they were under operation of the British. These thirteen colonies were also known as British America. It wasn’t until the Treaty of Paris was recognized that the 13 states were given their independence from Great Britain and became the United States of America. In 1775, the British colonies rebelled against the British rule. An government was formed and soon after, declaration of independence was given on 1776 on the holiday that is now known as Fourth of July. The first 13 states to be founded were between 1607 and 1733, starting from Virginia to Georgia. There were also some other colonies established in other parts of North American and in the West Indies.

The population of the 13 colonies has grown substantially over the decades. In the beginning, around 1625, there were only about 1,980 people. That then grew to 50,000 in 1641 and continued to multiply rapidly until it reached about 2,418,00 people in 1775, right before the declaration of independence. Before independence was given, the colonies were separated. The northern states were known as New England, then there was the Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies. There had been a civil war between the North and South later on in history, which resulted in the freedom of a lot of the African slaves.

Slowly the divisions between the colonies began to diminish and finally they all become one and continued to conquer more states to the south and west, developing it into the 50 states that are now known as the Unites States of America. You can find out more information about the 13 colonies by looking it up on the internet or history books.