2,400 Year Old Mint State Silver Owl with FREE Book Offer

Finest Known has acquired a pretty special selection of Mint State Ancient Athenian Owls, which are considered by many as one of the greatest coins ever made. These ancient coins are so clean, that they look as if they were freshly struck, and fell onto a pillow for over 2,400 years… Absolutely Stunning and NOW Available for Purchase.

Silver Athenian Owl Tetradrachm

Notably one of the most important, popular and artistically renown coins in numismatics today, the silver Owl of Athens is a legitimate collector’s coin, and the opportunity to own one in Mint State grade is few and far between, to say the least. It is not just a coin, but an example of “classical” Greek art in pristine Mint State condition. Their importance in early world commerce in the world’s first democracy cannot be overstated. These Athens Owls are among the most important coins of ancient civilization and are in very limited supply.

Finest Known is offering NGC graded Mint State Silver Athenian Owls, dated 440 – 404 BC for only $2,250 each.

Free Book Offer

This offer includes a FREE Hardcover reference book on the “100 Greatest Ancient Coins,” by Harlan J. Berk and Whitman Publishing. This best-selling hardback book features over 130 pages of the Greatest Coins of the Ancient World. The Athens Owl Tetradrachm, struck in 440 BC, is listed as coin number 10 out of 100! This book is filled with stories on each of the most important coins of early civilization, with beautiful color photos, collector’s resource visual gallery, and glossary of terms.

Offered at only $2,250 while supplies last!

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