Lost Gold is an incredible story of Odyssey Marine Explorations (Nasdaq: OMEX) discovery and excavation of the 1865 shipwreck of the SS Republic. It is a tale of mesmerizing technology and sensational finds; Lost Gold  brilliantly brings to life all the hopes, fears, and tragedy of a nation in turmoil as a result of the Civil War. You'll be enthralled by the riches this famous shipwreck had hidden away in the Deep Blue Sea for over 140 years. Truly a time capsule of the Reconstruction Era. 


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Come along on the search for the greatest shipwreck treasure of the Civil War era…lost in a hurricane in the deep Atlantic. In the tradition of Ship of Gold and Shadow Divers, this book tells of a remarkable ship – “Forest Gump” of Civil War steamships, and equally fascinating story of two modern pioneers of shipwreck exploration, as they attempt to locate this elusive ship, sunk in 1865 in a deadly storm somewhere south of Cape Hatteras. The reason for the arduous hunt! Well, if reports of more than $400,000 in specie of gold and silver coins is not enough, you will learn so much more as you turn the pages of this exciting book. This book tells the dramatic true story of the SS Republic, a Civil War paddlewheel steamship that sank in 1865 in a violent hurricane off the coast of Georgia with a reported $400,000 in gold and silver coins on board. Lost to history for 138 years, in 2003 the ship was located in deep water by Odyssey Marine Exploration of Tampa, Florida. The find has led to the recovery of more than 50,000 precious coins, worth an estimated $75 million to collectors today, plus thousands of fascinating artifacts reflecting the reunited nation just after the end of the Civil War. The story of the life and times of the fascinating SS Republic that was used by both the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War come alive in this fascinating book. The ship’s colorful past is mirrored by the story of the arduous search for the lost ship and the development of Odyssey, a shipwreck recovery company pioneering a new model for deep-sea archaeology. Now the fabulous tale of this Civil War-era shipwreck, hidden for 138 years on the ocean floor, is told for the first time in book form – in a thrilling nautical yarn of immense risk and even greater rewards. • Author: Priit J. Vesilind • Publisher: Shipwreck Heritage Press • Hardcover: 276 pages • Size: 6.25 x 9.25 inches • Print: Text with Color Photos • ISBN: 1-933034-06-8

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Lost Gold of The Republic by Priit J. Vesilind


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