An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type 1 Double Eagles

Struck from 1850 to 1866, the Type I double eagles from Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco form one of the most popular and collectable groups of United States gold coins. These coins span the most formative years of America, encompassing the Gold Rush, Historic Shipwrecks, and the Civil War. This best-selling book is a comprehensive guide to this series. Each Type I issue is described in detail with an analysis of strike, surfaces, luster, color and eye appeal and includes a list of major varieties with an estimate of rarity. This wonderfully illustrated book is certain to be an important reference for gold coin collectors.

This book is for anyone seriously interested in collecting $20 gold "double eagle" coins- meaning the "Type 1" variety, produced from 1850 to 1666, this is a must have book. Combine this book with the "Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins, 1796-1933", which has very nice color photos but less specific info on type ones (meaning those minted without the now typical "In God We Trust" motto), as well as current online coin values relating to this type of coin, and you'll have a lot to go on. These coins contain .97 troy ounces of gold, ranging in price from around $1000 or so to well over $500,000, and over a million dollars for the rarest of the rare. And these coins are still appreciating!

• Authors: Adam Crum and Douglas Winter

• Published by: Newport Communications

• Softcover: 228 Pages

• Size: 8 x 10 inches

• Print: B&W Photos


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An Insiders Guide To Collecting Type 1 Double Eagles BOOK


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