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The Brasher Doubloon: America’s First Gold Coin



The Brasher Doubloon: America’s First Gold Coin

by Adam Crum

America’s First Gold Coin, the 1787 Brasher Doublon, has been owned by an Elite Group of Custodians the likes of the DuPont family, Yale University, Colonel Green, John Work Garrett, and Virgil Brand… and own the Finest Known Specimen of America’s Most Famous Numismatic Treasure. The Brasher Doubloon has been referred to as the “World’s Most Valuable Coin” for well over a century. It has in fact set many world records at public sale dating as early as 1887. Learn the Amazing Story of America’s First and Most Valuable Gold Coin. This Historical Text Chronicles the Provenance and History of all Seven Known Specimens of America’s First Gold Coin. Discover the rich history of America’s Greatest Numismatic Treasure.

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