The story behind the Stechovice Treasure in the Czech Republic is that in 1945 German Nazis buried a treasure with a value of over six billion dollars near the Moldau Dam at the Czech village Hradistko near Stechovice. Nazi general, Emil Klein supposedly knew of special tunnels that were not known to many, if any, and he buried diamonds, gold, jewelry, precious art, along with documents that were top secret and came from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

In 1993 some rather revealing, yet interesting, information surfaced regarding the Stechovice Treasure in the Czech Republic causing some to believe that the notorious “Amber Room” belonging to the Russians was also hidden deep within these special tunnels by the Nazis.

The original paperwork that identifies exactly where this treasure is located is in possession of only one man, former German Helmut Gaensel. Former General Emil Klein gave this critical information, along with a map, to Gaensel who worked for the Czech Secret Services and was intimately acquainted with the treasure and matters related to it.

Perhaps Klein gave this information to Gaensel after he has Klein released from the KZ Valdice prison in Czechoslovakia in 1964. There have been many attempts to claim the Stechovice treasure in the 70’s and again in the late 80’s by the trade company Omnipol and by the Ministries of Interior and Defense who made attempts to trade weapons for the treasure but they were all futile.

In order to become the sole authority of the Stechovice treasure, Gaensel in 1992 purchased the property and entered into an exclusive contract with Czech authorities. This contract allowed Gaensel to be the only person that has the authority to unveil the whereabouts of the treasure. There is evidence that in 2004 Gaensel prepared openings for a tunnel that was ten meters long which is where the Stechovice treasure is thought to be.