By Adam Crum

It was April 18, 1906 and the thriving international city of San Francisco was beginning the hustle and bustle of a what probably seemed like just another beautiful crisp spring morning in the “City by the Bay.” However, Mother Nature had something else in store. A massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked the northern west coast of the Golden State, and the aftermath over the following three days must have been a living hell. This beautiful city had experienced devastating fires before; in fact, in its early Gold Rush days, this rapidly expanding and thriving city burned almost completely five separate times between 1849 to 1852.

But by 1906, San Francisco had grown to become a big and important commercial center and a fascinating city with much cultural diversity and a population that exceeded 500,000. The fires that burned out of control for three days destroyed much of the city and it is believed that nearly 300,000 people were left homeless. With much of the city in rubble or burned, there was one building that was miraculously left standing and remains today as an historic National Landmark: That building was the United States Mint in San Francisco, or what has affectionately become known as the “Old Granite Lady.”

This historical structure withstood the terrifying earthquake and the ensuing hell of fire, and within its walls, so survived also hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of dollars worth of gold and silver coins. Of the surviving coinage was a small cache of older $20 gold coins stored within the Mint’s vaults. Amazingly, some of those surviving coins were Type I Double Eagles that were minted in both Philadelphia and San Francisco, and which existed for the same reasons a mint was built in San Francisco in the first place: the California Gold Rush.

After intense negotiations, Finest Known successfully negotiated the acquisition of all of the 1851 and 1852 Philadelphia-minted gold coins that are believed to have survived this historic natural disaster in San Francisco in 1906. These coins have now been graded and certified by NGC and feature a unique “Granite Lady Hoard” provenance on the NGC holder’s label.

Type I Double Eagles, minted from 1850 to 1866, are some of the most popular and historically-significant gold coins extant. I have built a career trading more coins from this series since 1990 than any other dealer in America. In the book, 100 Greatest United States Coins, seven of those one hundred coins are the large and very popular gold Type I Double Eagles. Their price appreciation for decades speaks for itself, and I believe these truly special coins represent some of best value the market has to offer.

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