Finest Known takes great pride in this spectacular 1896-O Morgan Dollar graded SP63 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Quite simply, if you didn’t know there was an ‘O’ on the coin you would automatically call it a Proof. It exhibits surface qualities totally uncharacteristic of the date, and ample evidence of special handling.

With the market completely on fire for rare Morgan Dollars we can think of no finer opportunity than to acquire this phenomenal coin. For a little market perspective, just three weeks ago records were shattered when an 1893-S Morgan in PCGS MS67 sold for more than $2,000,000. That’s the first time any Morgan has reached that level at auction! And that coin isn’t even semi unique like the one you’re looking at now!

Specimen Strikes represent a magnificent area of study and intrigue to collectors all over the World. They are clearly very specially prepared and struck for a special occasion or important person but sometimes have no documentation attesting to why they were made. However, that is the case with many of the greatest rarities ever made. It is this mystery and allure that provides so much romance to these magnificent coins, and why they have become so unique fascinating for so many.

This is a coin of tremendous significance to any O Mint collector or Morgan Dollar enthusiast. Many Morgan Dollars which are not semi unique have sold for significantly greater sums because they are conditionally among the best of the best, but there is a unique market opportunity for Ultra Rarities such as this one, if and when they can be found. That is what sets you apart.

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1896 O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC SP63


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