Augustus Humbert was the United States Assayer of San Francisco in 1851 and 1852. His legacy as a coiner and assayer of gold during the California Gold Rush is well documented. The $50 Octagonal Ingots, or “slugs” as they are often referred to, which he created during his tenure as the US Assayer are considered some of the greatest numismatic treasures of all time.

To acquire an about uncirculated example in today’s market a collector must be prepared to invest in upwards of $50,000, and even $100,000 for rarer varieties. Mint state examples are extremely rare and have traded for more than $600,000 in gem condition.

To say Humbert $50 octagonal Gold Rush treasures are desirable is an extreme understatement. They have been on my Top 10 list for over 15 years and during that time frame they have increased in value 3 times, 5 times and some even more than 10 times depending on the variety and grade. They are simply an excellent store of value and proven to be great investments in this time frame.

Because of this popularity with collectors, these wonderful little 1 oz. pure gold ingots were created to commemorate the original 1851 and 1852 Humbert octagonal ingots. These beautiful little ingots were created using dies that were carved by hand by famed modern day artisan, Ron Landis. He is one of a handful of living artists still capable of creating dies by literally hand engraving them into pure steel. Simply amazing to watch!

Each 1 oz. gold ingot is .9999 fine of pure California Gold mined by today’s largest operating gold mine in California. They are struck in gem proof cameo and each is certified by NGC.

They are beautiful and quite rare as the mintage is less than 1,100. We recently acquired 200 coins from a customer who purchased 20% of the mintage. Because we placed the entire mintage when issued in 2009 we know that there is no other hoard of significant quantity of these ingots in any one collection. So to have the opportunity to acquire one in the future will be extremely limited as most are locked away in collections.

These ingots will be sold out quickly so don’t delay. Contact your Monaco Account Representative today at 888-900-9948.

Priced at only $1,949