A spectacular GEM+ Fugio Cent, Reverse – United (LT) States (RT), Obverse exhibiting 4 Cinquefoils. This is more commonly referred to as “United States, 4 Cinq” within the numismatic community. As one of the coins listed in the critically acclaimed book, 100 Greatest United States Coins, alleviating any doubt that this issue caries the popularity required to warrant a spot in a great collection. Certainly popularity is a key factor in upward price pressure, but add to this pressure the historically significant aspects of this issue and it is easy to affirm that this coin leads the pack.

The Fugio Cent was the first Congressionally authorized coin to be minted by our young nation after winning of the Revolutionary War. The specimen offered here is not only rare, but it is graded in the GEM+ grade of MS66RB (Red-brown), making it the finest known by either PCGS or NGC.

I could right a book on why this coin would fit in ANY great collection of Americana, but I will spare you the time. Acquiring this wonderful coin will inspire you to discover the history, intrigue, die varieties and the reason for certain sayings and designs that adorn this wonderful piece of American history.

No doubt this coin speaks for itself…it has all the important aspects of a successful acquisition which meet requirements for my “blue print” for success…”Rarity, Popularity, and Historically Significant”.

The most recent GEM example to appear in public sale was seen March 2010 and it realized $21,850, however it was a MS66 which had a “brown” designation. The specimen offered here has a “red-brown” designation making its devices more visible and able to exhibit more depth. It stands alone as the “Finest Known” undisputed King of the Fugio Cents.

We are proud to offer it for acquisition at only $27,500