Historical coins are by far the most popular among collectors, especially ones which are tired to large events. Amongst these coins is the ancient EID MAR commemorative coin which depicts the EID MAR legend in how Brutus, friend of Caesar, murdered his friend and then fled Rome with his soldiers. It was with these soldiers that he struck the coins over a year later.

What is absolutely fascinating about coins such as these is how they can capture a moment in history by merely displaying a symbol which becomes so coveted that collectors are willing to pay millions for them. While photographs are art depictions may show more, the meaning and sentiment associated with these coins say more, especially to collectors or those who understand the meaning behind them. EID MAR stands for the Ides of March in Latin and has made its way into multiple cultures, although the second most famous place is in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Caesar by some was thought of as a god, but others felt that he had overstepped his rule of authority with some of his decisions. It is rumored that he and Brutus quarreled often over decisions that were made and after being pushed forward by members of the senate, Brutus decided to end the life of his life-long best friend. In one of the most famous historical betrayals, he was one of the many individuals who stabbed Caesar first with his own blade before leaving him to die where no one would reach him in time. For the true collector, this tale simply adds value to these coins that cannot be measured and money and is worth the effort and finances it takes to own them, especially if they have a taste for Roman history.