There are many different types of gold and the quality of gold can greatly affect the value. This is the reason that if you are considering investing, selling, or buying gold, there are many different things that you should keep in mind when it comes to the quality of gold and its value. For example, one of the most popular types of gold is referred to as crown gold. This is 22kt gold alloy that was originally introduced by England for the use of gold coins that were manufactured in 1526 by Henry VIII. There were several different reasons that the decision to utilize 22kt gold alloy rather than the 23kt gold that was used previously. The first and main reason was due to the incredible wear properties of the gold. This is because the 22kt gold does not wear intentionally as much as the 23kt gold that was soft and often invited filing. When it comes to the alloying metal, copper is usually used and silver is used sometimes.

Crown gold is still in used by the British gold sovereign, which is still minted to this day. Before the mid twentieth century the gold coins that were produced were meant to be used as currency when in circulation. However its important to note that even though the crown gold coins are no longer used as a form of currency, the quality of the gold that is used in the coins will still greatly affect there value when they are exchanged for paper money. This is something that you are going to want to think about when it comes to valuing your gold or crown gold. To find out more about your gold coins, the best thing that you can do is contact a numismatists for their professional opinion.