A treasure that originated in the Temple of Solomon was discovered by the European Knights, called the Knights Templar, hence the Treasure of Knights Templar. This treasure has great Jewish and Christian roots and is said to contain artifacts including the genealogies of David and Jesus. Included are also significant documents that are said to trace them back to French royalty.

Freemasons are the descendants of the Templar’s who brought the treasure to America and then hid it from the British but left valuable clues on the back of the Declaration of Independence about where it might be found. The question is if there really is such a treasure. The Order of Knights Templar was eliminated by King Philip the Fair of France in 1307 and at that time the Order of Knights Templar did have some political power and wealth. This treasure has never been found. Some think that the Sinclair clan of Scotland who did have royal blood transported the wealth to a remote island off the shores of present-day Nova Scotia.

These same people believed that the Sinclair’s had secret information and were direct descendants of Jesus and that only they were taught the real word of Jesus which they kept secret only passing the information on to their children through out the years. Eventually these teachings were imported to the US by the Founding Fathers, many of whom were also Masons and helped write the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Much of this information is said to be buried into the context of these documents. Once the DaVinci Code was introduced it just sparked the curiosity of that many more as to whether this is a fantasy or a legend. Is there really a Treasure of Knights Templar or not?