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Goldbacks are the world’s first physical, interchangeable, gold currency, that can be used as real money from small to large transactions. Both Investors and Collectors buy Goldbacks because they are spendable, physical 24k gold bills, each with beautifully unique designs, available in five denominations.

As the first local, voluntary currency, Utah Goldbacks were a huge success, with hundreds of stores accepting Goldbacks for goods and services. The Nevada Goldbacks and New Hampshire Goldbacks were the next releases in the United States series, with many new States adopting the Goldback standard.

Each Goldback contains precise amounts of .999 fine Gold with five gold interchangeable denominations: 1 Goldback contains 1/1000th ounces of gold, 5 Goldback has 1/200th ounces, 10 Goldback 1/100th ounces, 25 Goldback 1/40th ounces, and the 50 Goldback with 1/20th of an ounce of gold.

The Goldback Bug has bitten and smitten collectors, goldbugs, currency bears, and investors from all over the world, who absolutely love them! Goldbacks are the hottest new gold product on the market today, with growing popularity as more States across the Country release their new Goldback issues.