It was a cold December 14th in 1799 when the nation’s beloved founding father closed his eyes for one last time. An immediate black cloud swept across the nation as fast as the news could spread during those days, and the country quite literally came to a halt to mourn the passing of an American hero.

Designed by Jacob Perkins, this remarkable Funeral Medal is the finest survivor of the legendary Skull & Crossbones variety. Perkins is legendary in numismatic circles for his famous “Perkins” Cent and many other Colonial issues of the day, but none of his work is as important as this.

The Funeral Medals were given to those members in attendance at Washington’s funeral parades held in early 1800. They were holed at the top for suspension from that person’s neck, and are incredibly important links to this great Man. They are so coveted that few are ever let go of.

Examples featuring the “Skull and Crossbones” Reverse are EXTREMELY RARE and coveted. A remarkable opportunity while it lasts.

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1800 Silver Medal Washington Funeral, Skull & Crossbones PCGS VF20


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