The Annie Oakley coin is one of those rare and famous coins that many people desire to have due to how famous it actually is. The reason for this is not because of Annie Oakley’s face on the coin, but rather how she supposedly shot the coin. Annie Oakley was a world famous sharp shooter and no one who has heard of the Wild West has not heard of Annie Oakley. The reason for this is because of how famous she was throughout the Wild West, particularly due to her skill with a gun.

However, her renown was not only due to her skill with a gun but also for her actions. These actions are possibly what led to the Annie Oakley coin being created which has since turned it into one of the most desired coins to have in the world. In addition, her skill led her to have a role as a star in Buffalo Billís Wild West show, which went around the world to demonstrate the Wild West to many different cultures. Her weapon of choice was a .22 caliber rifle, and it was stated she had enough skill where she could split a playing card and still manage to put an additional five or six holes in it before it hit the ground.

It is often stated she chose to do this during the Wild West show but after a time stopped due to an incident that almost occurred with someone in the stands. At the age of nine, Annie Oakley, who was born with the name Phoebe Ann Mosey, went out with her siblings to shoot game and sell it for food and money. Her skill and legend lives on in this coin where she supposed shot it from a distance to prove her skill.