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U.S. Mint Emergency Production

2020 Silver Eagles From The Philadelphia Mint

Covid Crisis Creates Instant Rarity

To meet overwhelming silver eagle demand, an unexpected modern rarity has been created. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, production at the West Point and San Francisco Mints were disrupted by their inability to mint the world’s most popular silver bullion coins, the American Silver Eagle.
These closures led the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia having to supplement the production of Silver Eagles to meet the demand that has skyrocketed due to the current global crisis.

This short-term solution of minting Philadelphia issues of the world’s most popular modern silver bullion coin has resulted in an unexpected rare issue with only 240,000 minted. The mint has no further plans to strike any more coins in Philadelphia, the now up-and-running West Point Mint already does not have enough available silver eagle blanks to fill its production capacity. But have taken over the minting of silver eagles again.
This ultra-unique event has created an important numismatic opportunity. Collectors are in an uproar over this event and demand is off the charts. Our site has been blown up and the register is ringing. The 2020-P (Philadelphia) silver eagle is the second-lowest mintage for the series. The rarest is the 2015 struck in Philadelphia and those sell regularly on eBay and other platforms in MS69 for $500-600.

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This Numismatic Rarity is the Result of an Emergency Shift in U.S. Mint Production

In the final full year of its current design and being minted during one of this nation’s most challenging economic times, these 2020 Philadelphia silver eagles have become an instant rarity and a piece of history.
According to official US Mint documentation dated April 27, 2020, a total of 240,000 American Silver Eagles were struck at its Philadelphia facility from April 8 to April 20, 2020.
Finest Known has a limited inventory of the 2020-P American Silver Eagle, graded and certified by NGC in both MS 69 and perfect MS 70 condition.  These special First Day of Issue Silver Eagles are encapsulated in a royal blue core with the “2020(P) Struck at Philadelphia Mint, Emergency Production” attribution.

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