Finest Known’s Special First Year 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Offer

When U.S. Mint Engraver, George T. Morgan, first etched out his historic rendition of Lady Liberty in 1878, he never imagined that his iconic design would help build Wild West commerce and fuel the era of Progressive Industrialization, to become America’s most collectible coin today. Over a 140 years later, Finest Known is releasing the very first issue of this historic Morgan Dollar in Uncirculated Mint State Condition, with a special Free book offer.

CC Mintmark Morgans

The Carson City Mint was built to facilitate minting of silver from Nevada’s legendary Comstock Lode. The 1878-CC Dollar is the very first Morgan minted at the historic Carson City Mint, baring the only Double Mintmark ever issued by the U.S. Mint.Morgan Dollars with the desirable “CC” mintmark were only minted from 1878 to 1893, with just 13 coins in the series, making it a fun set to assemble with collectors, who appreciate the grit and romance of the Old Wild West.

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First Year Mint State Morgan Offer

Finest Known is excited to offer historic 1878-CC first year issue Morgan Dollars which were tucked away and stored at the U.S. Treasury for over 140 years. These coins are directly from the great U.S Treasury hoard discovery in the 1960s and are sealed in their original Government holders.

  • 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar MS 63 for $790.
  • 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar MS 64 for $1,250.

Free Carson City Morgan Dollar Book

Purchase a Mint State 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar and receive a Free copy of Adam Crum’s Carson City Morgan Dollars, 4th Edition ($24.95 value).This hardback book is filled with compelling historical accounts in full color, with specific resource information on all CC Minted Morgan Dollars, that’s essential for any Morgan Dollar Collector!