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Series 1 VaultBox

VaultBox Series 1

Inspired by the chase of trading cards and the world of card breaks, the inaugural VaultBox is bringing the fun of the hunt back into collecting.

  • Each box will feature three coins from a collection of Modern American Eagles.
  • Every coin is made from precious metals including Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium
  • Look for “Red Core” Series Hits!
  • Release Price: $595
  • Release Date: January 25th, 2023 at 5am PST



VaultBox is a totally new way for coin collectors to discover valuable coins, and for fans of other collectibles to start collecting coins.

VaultBox was inspired by the thrill of opening sports and trading card packs, and the excitement of chasing the biggest cards. VaultBox brings thrill-seeking collectors the action and excitement of card breaking to a collectible that has real and appreciable value.

  • Sports Cards Fun with Precious Metals Value
  • VaultBox Is Authenticated By NGCX
  • Real Value In Every Box
  • You can Monetize Your VaultBox At Anytime
VaultBox Coins

Series 1 Highlights


Add To Your Collection

Secure your coin, put it in your safe or proudly display it among the rest of your collectibles. You can also choose to add it to your virtual collection by clicking the “Add To My Collection” icon on the coin’s page on the VaultBox website. You will be able to see all of your VaultBox coins you’ve added to your collection.

Sell or Trade Your Coin

Many coin collectors are also coin sellers and traders. Once you unbox your coin, it’s yours to do with as you please, you can sell or trade your coin through your usual channels, including selling them to Finest Known.

Instant Offer

If you would like to sell your coin, you can call Finest Known at 888-900-9948 to get a cash or trade offer.