In 1857, the elegant side-wheel steamer SS Central America was bound for New York, carrying 578 hardy souls and more than two tons of gold dust, nuggets, coins and assayer ingots from the California Gold Rush. The ship never made port, sinking in a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas in 8,000 feet of deep blue sea. The loss has been described as the greatest economic catastrophe in all of U.S. maritime history, triggering the Panic of 1857, a severe recession and a deep depression.

Several years later, in 1865, at the end of the U.S. Civil War, two more ships containing significant cargoes of gold and silver coins were lost—the SS Brother Jonathan off the coast of Northern California in a violent storm…and the SS Republic, on its way to New Orleans to aid in the Reconstruction of the South, sunk in a hurricane off the Georgia coast.

For more than 100 years, all this treasure rested on the ocean floor and was thought to have been lost forever. But thanks to modern computer technology and recovery techniques, scientists and deep water salvage experts located each of these shipwrecks and recovered thousands of gold and silver coins…unique assayer gold ingots, bars and “bricks”…a few precious pounds of gold dust and nuggets…and other 19th century numismatic treasures.

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Prior to the discoveries of the SS Central America, SS Brother Jonathan and SS Republic shipwrecks and treasure troves, only a very few mint condition examples of early U.S. $20 “Double Eagles” existed. Not only that, but before the discovery of the SS Central America treasure, there were no known examples of the tons and tons of raw gold assayer bullion bars and ingots shipped from the California Gold Rush to the financial centers in the East. Thanks to the discoveries of these now-famous shipwrecks, thousands of mint-state “Double Eagles”…tens of thousands of other gold and silver coins…and over 500 unique Gold Rush assayer ingots have now been discovered, documented and brought to market.