S.S. Central America Fractional Gold Coins

California Fractional gold coins were privately minted during the California Gold Rush, were recovered from the fabled “Ship of Gold,” the SS Central America that sank in September, 1857.

In 2014, Odyssey Marine Exploration launched a second treasure recovery 8,000 below the Atlantic, and discovered just over 100 California Fractional gold coins, that remained untouched for 157 years, a true time capsule. These small gold coins have a rich provenance the Greatest Treasure Ever Found, the SS Central America, proving they are directly from the California Gold Rush.

Commonly known as California Fractionals, they were small octagonal gold coins minted with gold weights valued at 25 Cents, 50 cents, and $1. This small group of gold coins became the standard for all California Fractionals, because of their pristine condition.

More than half of the coins are finer than any previously known fractionals of their respective variety. PCGS designated dozens of these California Fractionals as proof-like for the first time, and are a historic and financial time machine, back to the California Gold Rush and the pocket change of the 49’ers.

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