Libertas (Liberty)

As always, Libertas is the Virtue represented on the 50 Goldback Denomination. In this Wyoming Series Design, she is depicted as a mid-20th century hiker passing through Yellowstone National Park. The symbols that accompany her are influenced by the Old Testament story of Deborah, the Lady of Torches. Surrounded by wild flowering raspberries, she has a pack on her back and a flashlight in her left hand in the place of a traditional torch. In her right hand she is holding a walking staff, representing divine guidance, and on her left wrist hangs a canteen, representing life that comes from Liberty. Additionally, a sword hangs from her pack and a shield is at her feet, representing the constant need to be ready to defend Liberty from those who would seek to take it away.

Behind her, an eruption from Old Faithful can be seen alongside a depiction of Osprey Falls. She has wolves to her side and a mother grizzly bear behind her, representing both the community and cooperation as well as the fierceness that is sometimes required to protect and cultivate Liberty.

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50 Wyoming Goldback Currency 1/20 oz


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