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Buried Civil War History
During and just after the Civil War, in both the North and especially in the South, gold and silver coins were highly valued but extremely scarce. Rampant inflation, caused by both sides financing huge war costs through the near-nonstop printing of paper fiat currency, resulted in the widespread hoarding of “hard money” – real gold and silver coins. At the end of the war, the South, for all practical purposes, was broke… its fiat paper money was worthless, its hard money virtually gone.

Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollars
Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Accordingly, savvy bankers and businessmen from the North were shipping keg-loads of hard money – and especially silver coins – to the South to take advantage of their inflated purchasing power. In fact, most coins shipped on the last fateful voyage of the Republic were U.S. Seated Liberty silver half-dollars.

Odyssey Marine archaeologists had the privilege to discover, recover, and handle these artifacts of history that had not been seen or touched since they were lost at sea in 1865.

Each coin was painstakingly picked up utilizing a state-of-the-art ROV nicknamed ZEUS. 
Photo Mosaic Digital Images of the SS Republic Shipwreck site. A time capsule back to 1865.

Own a Piece of Civil War History 
Silver coins can be adversely affected by saltwater. Unless careful preventive steps are taken, long exposure to saltwater can cause extensive corrosion and pitting. In the case of the silver coins recovered from the SS Republic shipwreck, however, great care was taken to ensure that the effects of their 140-year-long exposure to saltwater were painstakingly minimized.

Each of the SS Republic silver half dollars offered here has been professionally conserved by Numismatic Conservation Services, a globally recognized leader in the field, and then certified and encapsulated by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

The result is a remarkably clear and stable finish on the silver coins… many look as bright and new as the day they were minted.

These amazing and historically significant treasures from the Civil War era are sure to please any history buff, coin collector, or investor.

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Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollars NGC Certified SS Republic

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