2,500 Year Old Ancient Gold Darics

Finest Known has recently acquired a small selection of ancient Gold Coins from the 5th Century Achaemenid Empire, under the Persian King, Darius the Great, hidden away for over 2,500, until now. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some of the world’s first gold coins of historical significance, that have survived through a hundred generations!

Gold Darics from the cradle of civilization, are one of the very first coins traded in early international commence, and featured in the best-selling book, “Money of the Bible.” These rare ancient coins are now available at a special Finest Known Vault Deal Price.

Persian Pedigree

The Persian Gold Daric is tied to some of the most momentous events in Ancient Civilization:

World’s First Gold Coin: (561-456 BC) The Lydian King Croesus issues the first known coin. The “Lydia Lion” was a Heavy Stater struck from a gold alloy called Electrum with the image of a Lion facing a Bull.

Achaemenid Persian Empire: (550–330 BC) The first Persian king, Cyrus I, conquered the Lydian Kingdom in 547 BC, and continued to issue the Croesus’ coins under the Persian banner. Cyrus the Great expands his wealth and build his empire with gold coins.

Fall of Babylon: (539 BC) King Cyrus the Great, captured the city of Babylon, which was the ancient world’s capital of scholarship and science. The conquest of Babylonia meant the birth of a true world empire and international commerce.

International Gold Coin: (522-486 BC) The next important Persian king, Darius I, expanded upon the conquests of Cyrus. Around 520 BC, Darius the Great, introduced a high purity gold coin with a new design depicting a archer, (king/hero) known as the Gold Daric.

King Xerxes (300 fame): (486-465 BC) The son and successor of Darius was Xerxes, of the Spartan 300 fame. Xerxes changed the obverse from an archer drawing his bow to one in motion, holding both a bow and a spear. Old Testament: The gold daric expanded into widespread, international use and was one of the most recognizable coins of the ancient world, including being the earliest coin mentioned several times in the Bible’s Old Testament.

Alexander the Great: Alexander the Great conquered the Persians in 329 BC and the daric continued to be struck under Alexander’s successors until they were melted and re-coined into Alexander Staters around 300 BC.

Finest Known has acquired beautiful gold specimens of this historic 2,500 year old ancient gold hoard. These rare and historically significant coins laid un-discovered and untouched until now. This is an unprecedented opportunity to own a piece of ancient history that laid the foundations of international commerce and the development of civilization.

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