Finest Known highly recommends to only purchase VAM Dollars that are NGC or PCGS authenticated, graded and certified designations of the specific VAM variety specimens. Furthermore, the VAM Dollars listed on-line below have been selected to meet our stringent standard for the highest quality.

The term VAM is an acronym for co-authors, Van Allen and Mallis, who published a definitive numismatic study of silver dollar die varieties titled, The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars. The VAM system essentially catalogs known die varieties by their respective date and mint mark, and these VAM numbers are basic unique identification numbers for the variety for a specific date and mint mark.

The reason collectors like to buy VAM Morgan Dollars is that the Morgan series is without a doubt the most popular in American numismatics. With the general availability of many dates in high mint state grades, collectors and investors find it rewarding to to own a very wide range of dates. Now with VAM varieties, it offers an even greater incentive to collect the intriguing varieties of a particular date. It is wise to only purchase VAM dollars that are certified as such by NGC or PCGS. VAM collecting is very popular in the Morgan series, and the strong appeal for VAM dollar varieties suggest great market support over time. VAMs captivate collectors and inspire an appeal for the period of history surrounding the old west and the Nevada Silver Rush known as the Comstock Lode. Plainly, purchasing VAM dollars are an interesting and very captivating area of the rare coin marketplace.

Today, the VAM craze has fostered an increased demand for the key VAM varieties, which are the most important and rarest varieties. The top 100 VAMs in the Morgan dollar series highlight those varieties that are collected, bought and sold on a premium basis to VAM enthusiasts. Finest Known knows how to purchase the best VAM dollars, and select only the finest specimens for our clients, providing the best values in the market today.



The groundbreaking book by Van Allen and Mallis, The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars, contained detailed listings of all known die varieties of Morgan and Peace Dollars and is a tremendous resource material for numismatists and collectors. Since 1971, the VAM book has gone through several editions and has created a market for certain die varieties that later appeared in the well known Red Book.

The VAM work mostly centers on Morgan dollars, which were minted by the United States Mint from 1878 through 1904, and then resumed minting again in 1921. The reference book also included Peace Dollars, which were issued from 1921 through 1935. Since Van Allen and Mallis first identified and assigned a VAM number for different die pairs used to strike Morgan and Peace dollars decades ago, there are now a vast vast number of different VAM numbers that have been identified and cataloged, and most importantly, recognized by NGC and PCGS. Affectionately known as “the big VAM book,” there are hundreds of pages containing a wealth of mainstream information dealing with the history of Morgan dollars, grading, counterfeit detection and the difficult task of numismatic photography.


Adam Crum is the author of the numismatic best seller, Carson City Morgan Dollars, believes his book is a vital reference material for Morgan VAM collectors. Morgans are one of the most popular series in United States coins, and Carson City Morgans are generally the most desired of them all. Add VAM designations to the CC Morgan mix and you have a very hot commodity, and this reference book is an essential asset.

Carson City Morgan Dollars were born as the accidental discovery of gold in California introduced challenges faced by adventurers who moved East to the Nevada silver boom of the late 1800s. This book reflects on the Nevada silver bonanza birthplace near the now state capital, and the struggles of the young Carson City Mint, along with other rich historical topics. Since CC Morgans were minted in the days of the old Wild West, where the frontier days of America conger images of saloons, outlaws and Sheriffs to keep the peace, they will undoubtedly be very popular for years to come.

This book is a fantastic tribute to the story of the Comstock Lode and the history of the Carson City Mint, which is exactly why collectors love Carson City Morgan Dollars, there rich history and the very strong outlook for long term appreciation of this exceptional segment of the market. Since VAM collecting is an area of strength in this book, it is a “must-have” reference for the CC Morgan Dollar collector. Whether you collect CC Morgan Dollars, generically or by VAM, you will find yourself reaching for this gem time and again.


There are a number of ways today that you can build impressive and valuable collections of Morgan Silver Dollars that generate tremendous satisfaction with long term appreciation potential.

In addition to typical grade, date and/or mint sets of Morgans, increasing numbers of collectors now seek to acquire VAM sets of the dozens of minting die variations that exist within the Morgan Dollar series. These coins can provide the ambitious collector with a fascinating challenge to discover and collect sets of these unique Morgan Dollar varieties.

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