By Adam Crum

Since historical significance adds to numismatic value, you could argue that ancient gold coins from the era of the Roman Caesars should be priceless. They are so gratifying to behold that Finest Known feels fortunate to have amassed the finest selection of gold Caesar coins that I have ever seen. 

Even as children, we recognize the name Julius Caesar as the first in a long line of dictators of arguably the most historically-impactful empires of all time. Julius rose to power quickly and extended the reach of the Roman world by amassing one of the most loyal and successful armies the world had ever seen. Some Romans had disdain for his immense popularity and king-like behavior, and feared him too powerful for the good of Rome. So on a day now universally known as ”The Ides of March” – March 15, 44BC – a few impassioned Senators successfully carried out a plot to assassinate Julius.

The monumental civil war and turmoil that resulted ultimately ended when nephew Gaius Octavius succeeded Julius as the next in line of the twelve Caesars, who together shaped the Roman Empire and western civilization as we know it.

From before the times of the Caesars, coinage was used for political propaganda and to pay tribute to rulers. The ”Twelve Caesar” coins are spectacular historical evidence of the nature of the times.

The most popular and one of the most valuable of the Twelve Gold Caesars series is that of Julius Caesar, who was the first Roman Emperor to be deified as a God. In fact, the King of Diamonds in a deck of cards symbolizes him, and the month of July is named after him. Because of his timeless fame, Julius Caesar gold coins are constantly in high demand, and are extremely challenging to find in problem-free high grades. Owning an example, in any condition, is one of the most prestigious accomplishments for a collector of history.

Due the extreme rise in popularity of this market segment over the past decade, Finest Known strongly encourages the acquisition of select coins of the ancient Roman Empire. The ”Twelve Caesars” are highly sought-after by collectors, giving the segment strong legs and a solid foundation. While most surviving specimens have issues with everything from graffiti to edge clipping, Finest Known is excited to have assembled an inventory of these gold coins, each carefully chosen for its problem-free surfaces, and each graded and certified as such by NGC.

I went through dozens of coins, over several months, to uncover a special grouping of truly spectacular coins that have NO issues . . . so don’t miss this compelling opportunity to own one of the most exciting coins you will ever hold in your hands. If you love history – and more specifically, Roman history – you will prize these specimens as a legacy to leave your loved ones.

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