The Treasure of the Lost City Drwarika revealed a site that was found in Bharat, at Dwaraka. This site is home to the legendary city of Lord Krishna. Dwaraka was eaten by the sea right after Lord Krishna died. The discovery of the legendary city of Dwaraka which was founded by Sri Krishna is a key player in the history of Bharat. Many historians didn’t believe that Mahabharata or the existence of Dwaraka city.

Prior to discovering the legendary city of Dwaraka, no attempts were ever made to look for any treasures because they believed this was all a myth so any attempts would be futile. It was then discovered that Dwaraka was one of the busiest ports of the Mahabharata Period but met its fate by the fury of the sea; after the Mahabharata War Krishna lived for 36 years at Dwaraka.

Dwaraka, the very land that was consumed by the sea was better known as a “city of gold.” This beautiful city was also known as Dwaramati, Dwarawati and Kushsthali. Everything that was uncovered during underwater excavations off Dwaraka validates all of these claims.

The finds have proven that Mahabharata is a beautiful capital city of Dwaraka of Sri Krishna was not a mere figment of imagination. Since the mid 1980’s there have been many offshore excavations about the city of Dwaraka, one finding remains of a temple of 300 BC in which Krishna (Vasudeva) and Balarama (Samkarshana) are identified from their flagstaff.

The submerged city of Dwarka is said to have both historical and cultural value for Bharat and is in need of protection from destruction. Yet the world awaits the preservation of the submerged city for many reasons, some are emotional and others are historical but there is no doubt that the Treasure of the Lost City Drwarika is going to be one that will be tended to for a long time to come.