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Silver Athenian Owl Tetradrachm

Notably, one of the most important, popular and artistically renown coins in numismatics today, the silver Owl of Athens is a legitimate collector’s coin, and the opportunity to own one in Mint State grade is few and far between, to say the least. It is not just a coin, but an example of “classical” Greek art in pristine Mint State condition. Their importance in early world commerce in the world’s first democracy cannot be overstated. These Athens Owls are among the most important coins of ancient civilization and are in very limited supply.

Ancient Athens

Athens in ancient Greece is one of the world’s oldest cities and considered the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy, with a recorded history spanning over 3,400 years. During this Classical period of prosperity, Athens expanded its political and economic influence throughout the Greek world, allowing artistic and intellectual progress to flourish at a very rapid rate. Athens was one of the most important Greek cities, and one of the most important and cherished ancient artifacts from this historic Classical period is the Silver Athenian Owl Tetradrachm. Notably one of the most important, popular and artistically renown coins in numismatics today.

First International Coin

These silver Athens Owl coins fueled the early ancient economy, from the Cradle of Civilization, through the first years of international commerce. The Athenians treated their coinage not only as means for facilitating commerce and spreading their political imagery but also as a business, making a profit on each Owl minted, to fund Athens’ rapid rise to greatness. Before the age of Kings, the “Owl of Athens” was considered the first international currency for the ancient Greek world. These beautiful high relief coins were widely distributed in the region and far beyond, the Athens Owl had a broad flight in early civilization and commerce.

Historic Flight of the Owl

The Athenian owl tetradrachm played an essential role in Athens’ rise to greatness. These coins paid for the construction of the city’s “wooden walls” – the fleet that repelled the Persian invasion of 480-479 and then projected Athenian power throughout the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean. Later in the fifth century, Athenian owls financed the cultural flowering under Pericles: the building of the Parthenon with its magnificent sculptures; the regular celebration of the festival of Dionysus with its new crop of tragedies and comedies; and the gathering of philosophers, rhetoricians, and artists of every type. Few cities have contributed so much to human civilization in so short a time than ancient Athens.

The Athenian Tetradrachm

Athenian Tetradrachms, popularly referred to as “Owls,” are the most recognizable ancient coin. Tetradrachms of Athens have long been one of the most popular series amongst ancient coin collectors. Commonly referred to as “owls,” these coins were struck by hand over 2,400 years ago, between 512 B.C. and 50 B.C. The obverse features the helmeted head of the goddess Athena (patron deity of Athens and goddess of wisdom and warfare), with almond-shaped eye and lushes lips drawn back into a tight “archaic smile.” The reverse featured a majestic owl, her patron animal, with the letters “AOE,” which represents the “Children of Athens.” This consistency reinforced their international message and symbolized Athens’ economic power. Celebrated in ancient numismatics as the first coin with a full design on both the obverse and the reverse, the drachm (from the Greek word “handful”) was the most popular unit of exchange in the Greek world. The tetradrachm, or four drachms, played a crucial role in ancient Greek history, and just as the world inherited the art, history, and culture of ancient Greece, our children inherit the legacy we leave behind.

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