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Gold Eid Mar Aureus of Julius Caesar’s Assassination Sells for a Colossal $4,200,000!

Now the Most Expensive Ancient Coin Ever Sold!

Ancient Coins have enjoyed tremendous global market expansion over the past decade. While the Western European collector has pursued this segment for centuries, that was not so much the case on a broad scale in the United States or the Far East. To say this space has grown would be viewed as an understatement by those of us who have been involved prior.

In just the last decade multiple ancient coins have eclipsed seven-figure sums, and we will make the argument that they seem too cheap in comparison to other items of importance.

We saw the opportunity in the global ancient coin market long before it became more common in the United States in recent years, and we have our finger on the pulse of this marketplace like few others can claim.

We specialize in ancient coins from hundreds of dollars each to seven-figure world class collections.

Beyond the Gold Eid Mar at $4.2 Million, here are some other recent records incredible prices realized from just the last month alone!!

410-406 BC Agrigentum Silver Tetradrachm at $557,316!

79-81 AD Titus “Colosseum” Sestertius at $557,316!

42 BC Brutus Silver “Eid Mar” Denarius at $445,852!

37-38 AD Caligula Gold Aureus at $360,616!

198-211 AD Caracalla Gold Aureus at $367,172!

The “Brutus” Eid Mar Gold Aureus is now the most expensive ancient coin ever sold at public sale. As stated above there are only 3 specimens of this monumental and historical rarity. Two are ensconced in museums, one in Great Britain and the other in Germany, making the specimen here the only one in private hands.

The Eid Mar has already created global fervor after sending shockwaves first throughout the numismatic industry and then quickly capturing the attention of media outlets across the globe. As this interest continues to grow and space for ancient coins expands with collectors around the globe, we expect considerable demand across the board for important ancient coins, especially those of the 12 Caesars. Wealthy buyers everywhere have been flocking to ancient coins, from oligarchs to billionaires and other private citizens. Each recognizing the value that exists right now.

Supply versus demand suggests that prices have a lot of room to run.

Adam Crum

Adam Crum, President

Ownership is like placing your money into a kaleidoscope of time. We have never been more excited about the market than we are today. Tangible assets were in a bit of a slump from 2015-2019, but things have changed dramatically. Massive monetary expansion is taking place on a global scale driving down the value of FIAT currencies, we believe the time is now to aggressively accumulate tangible assets within areas that provide rarity, popularity and historical significance. And the rare coins of the ancient world fit perfectly within that blueprint of success. There are many opportunities in the marketplace when you have a trusted source on your side!

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