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Proof Strikes 1878 - 1921

1878 7TF Of 78 Morgan PF66 Little Darlings
1878 7TF Of 78 Morgan PF66 Little Darlings
1879 Morgan PF67 Cameo Little Darlings
1879-O Morgan PF66 Star UC
1880 Morgan PF68 Cameo Little Darlings
1881 Morgan PF68 Cameo Little Darlings
1882 Morgan PF67UC
1883 Morgan PF67 Cameo
1883 Morgan PF67 Cameo
1884 Morgan PF66 Cameo
1884-CC Morgan PF66 Cameo
1885 Morgan PF66 Cameo
1885-CC Morgan PF64 Cameo
1886 Morgan PF67
1887 Morgan PF67 Cameo
1888 Morgan PF66 Cameo
1889 Morgan PF66 Cameo
1890 Morgan PF66 Cameo
1891 Morgan PF65 Cameo
1892 Morgan PF67 Cameo
1893 Morgan PCGS PR66CAM
1893 Morgan PF67 Cameo
1893-CC Morgan PCGS PR67BMCA CAC Jack Lee
1894 Morgan PF67 Cameo
1895 Morgan PF68UC
1895-O Morgan PF66 Cameo
1896 Morgan PF68 Cameo
1898 Morgan PCGS PR68+ DCAM CAC
1899 Morgan PCGS PR67
1900 Morgan PF66 Cameo
1901 Morgan PF66 Cameo CAC
1878 7TF Of 78 Morgan PF66 Little Darlings1879 Morgan PF67 Cameo Little Darlings1879 O Morgan PF66 Star UC1880 Morgan PF68 Cameo Little Darlings1881 Morgan PF68 Cameo Little Darlings1882 Morgan PF67UC1883 Morgan PF67 Cameo1883 CC Morgan PCGS PF65 Cameo1884 Morgan PF66 Cameo1884 CC Morgan PF66 Cameo1885 Morgan PF66 Cameo1885 CC Morgan PF64 Cameo1886 Morgan PF671887 Morgan PF67 Cameo1888 Morgan PF66 Cameo1889 Morgan PF66 Cameo1890 Morgan PF66 Cameo1891 Morgan PF65 Cameo1892 Morgan PF67 Cameo1893 Morgan PCGS PR66CAM1893 Morgan PF67 Cameo1893 CC Morgan PCGS PR67BMCA CAC Jack Lee1894 Morgan PF67 Cameo1895 Morgan PF68UC1895 O Morgan PF66 Cameo1896 Morgan PF68 Cameo1898 Morgan PCGS PR68+ DCAM CAC1899 Morgan PCGS PR671900 Morgan PF66 Cameo1901 Morgan PF66 Cameo CAC

The Little Darlings Collection of Proof Strike Morgan Silver Dollars

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