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Private Mint Gold Coins

Private Mint Gold Coins from the California Gold Rush are some of the most historic and treasured relics of the Old Wild West. Private or territorial gold coins are often referred to as “pioneer” gold coins since the word “pioneer” covers a wide range of private, semi-private, and government issues.

Territorial Gold Coins are young America’s privately struck money, and one of the most fascinating segments of the U.S. rare coin market. Privately minted coins come in all shapes and sizes due to their origins, timeframe, and private producers, with such prominent names as Kellogg, Humbert, Baldwin, Moffat, Reid, Bechtler, and others.

The majority of Private Minted Coinage was a result of the California Gold Rush in 1849, but similar economic conditions existed in other gold mining regions… Georgia in 1830, N. Carolina in 1831, Oregon and Utah in 1849, and Colorado in 1860. Most Private Minted gold coins have standard denominations ranging from $1 to $20, except for the larger $50 Octagonal Gold Ingots. However, Fractional Gold Coins with smaller denominations of .25¢, .50¢, and $1, was struck by Gold Rush jewelers in both round and octagonal shapes. and were the pocket change of the Gold Rush 49’ers.