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S.S. Central America Gold Nuggets

California Gold Rush Nuggets from “The Greatest Treasure Ever Found!” are authentic gold ore, mined and panned by Old West 49’er prospectors, then lost at sea for 157 years after the 1857 sinking of the SS Central America, and finally recovered in 2014 with new ROV technology by Oddysey Marine Exploration.

The gold nuggets were enclosed in gold miners’ field pokes (small canvas pouches), stuffed in a saddlebag, and stashed away inside the purser’s safe. The SSCA gold nuggets lay undisturbed and untouched for over a century and a half, 8,000 feet below the Atlantic along with hundreds of millions of dollars of United States Gold Coins and Monetary Ingots.

PCGS authenticated and encapsulated 1,857 pieces, each with 1.5 grams of gold ($1 in 1857), and a pedigree from the SS Central America “Ship of Gold,” with the signature of the SSCA Chief Scientist, Bob Evans, who was integral to the discovery, recovery, and conservation.

These Gold Rush Nuggets represent the most direct connection with the California Gold Rush ever found and have the clearest and most convincing provenance to date of any other Gold Rush nuggets.