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Type 3 Double Eagle Gold Coins

The last design of the Liberty gold Double Eagle series is the Type-III issue, minted from 1877-1907. The only change in this issue was the reverse denomination, changed from “TWENTY D to “TWENTY DOLLARS”. Mint Engraver, William Barber changed Longacre’s original design after his death, by nicely spacing out the letters to spell out the full denomination.

Type-III double eagle gold coins were struck in all years at Philadelphia, intermittently at Carson City and San Francisco, only one year in 1879 in New Orleans, and the last two years, 1906-1907 at the Denver Mint.

The Liberty Head Double Eagle was discontinued in 1907, after an uninterrupted 50-year run, replaced by the St. Gaudens new design. Several years saw Type 3 mintages of over a million and even two million coins. 1904 had the largest mintage of 6,256,699. Many of Type Three gold was saved in European banks and are available in quantity today. Common dates are abundant in high grades making them popular with investors, and many issues are high rarities making them challenging for collectors to acquire.