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Type 2 Double Eagle Gold Coins

The Type-II Double Eagle reverse design change came after the Civil War in 1866, where the nation’s moto, “IN GOD WE TRUST” was added to the coin’s reverse to help heal a broken country. The motto was added above the eagle’s head, within a circle of stars with rays of light above. The motto continued from this point forward in the double eagle series.

A rounded and ornate shield replaced the simple straight shield of the Type-I series, Type-II Double Eagle were minted at three U.S. Mints; 1866-1876, both Philadelphia and San Francisco minted 12 issues each.

Carson City minted 7 issues from 1870-1876. The 1873-P and 1873-S both have an Open 3 and a Closed 3 date logotype variety, totaling 31 Type Two issues in all. 1870’s Type 2 double eagles are popular with collectors for their history, affordability, and liquidity.

Type-II – Gold Double Eagles are a tangible artifact of the “boom and bust” time in American economic and political history known as the Gilded Age of American Ingenuity.