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The U.S. $2.50 Quarter Eagle ‘Indian’ was a totally new design concept commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt in his initiative to beautify America’s coinage. Famed Sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, designed the first two coins in the series ($20 Double Eagle, $10 Eagle), just before his death in 1907. Former Saint-Gaudens student, Bela Lyon Pratt, took up the task of redesigning the quarter eagle and half eagle to complete Saint-Gaudens work. Minted from 1908 to 1929, there was a gap between 1916 to 1924 due to World War I. The obverse features Indian brave in a war bonnet facing left, with the date, thirteen stars and the motto LIBERTY encircling the edge. The reverse features a proud American Eagle perched upon fasces and an olive branch, intertwined symbols of preparedness and peace. Pratt incorporated four different inscriptions on the reverse, (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, IN GOD WE TRUST, and 2½ DOLLARS). Pratt’s design of an American Indian was an incuse design inset in the surface so the highest points of relief are level with the coins’ fields, with no raised rims to protect from wear. This beautiful new design has become one of the most popular U.S. gold coins.

FMV Prices for Rare Coin Price Guide last updated 03/08/2021
1908down$563 down$600 down$690 down$1,210 down$2,730
1908 Proof$4,560 $5,690 down$10,810 $16,250 down$32,830
1909down$563 down$600 down$1,140 down$1,970 down$4,030
1909 Proof$4,190 down$5,750 $15,310 down$22,310 down$42,530
1910down$563 down$630 down$790 down$1,230 down$3,030
1910 Proof$4,130 $5,190 $11,060 down$17,500 $35,570
1911down$563 down$600 down$680 down$1,190 down$3,440
1911 Proof$4,130 $6,250 down$11,440 $20,310 $28,600
1911 Ddown$6,270 down$7,150 down$11,470 down$16,580 down$54,280
1912down$563 down$660 down$1,170 down$2,190 down$11,210
1912 Proof$4,130 $5,130 $10,000 $17,190 $31,010
1913down$563 down$600 down$680 down$1,050 down$4,440
1913 Proof$4,130 $5,280 $10,000 down$18,130 $30,380
1914down$630 down$1,150 down$2,110 down$3,780 down$16,690
1914 Proof$4,560 $6,030 $10,000 $16,560 down$28,280
1914 Ddown$563 down$630 down$910 down$2,030 down$12,310
1915down$563 down$600 down$720 down$1,000 down$3,810
1915 Proof$4,220 $5,940 $10,000 down$17,190 down$35,750
1925 Ddown$531 down$543 down$650 down$840 down$1,590
1926down$531 down$543 down$650 down$840 down$1,590
1927down$531 down$543 down$650 down$840 down$1,590
1928down$531 down$543 down$650 down$840 down$1,590
1929down$531 down$543 down$650 down$860 down$2,940
Typedown$531 down$543 down$650 down$840 down$1,590
Proof Type$4,130 $5,130 $10,000 $16,250 down$29,360

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