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The $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagle was produced from 1907 to 1933, the “Saint” was the final $20 gold Double Eagle produced by the U.S. Mint. The $20 Gold Saint-Gaudens is known as “The Most Beautiful Coin in the World” for good reason. Born at the beginning of the 20th Century from the vision of newly elected, President Theodore Roosevelt, who wish to transform U.S. Coinage into works of art to reflect America’s preeminent status on the world stage. He enlisted America’s Premier Sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was in failing health, but agreed to the request by promising Roosevelt his last designs would be made a “living thing.” Saint-Gaudens fresh, clean obverse design features Liberty striding toward us in the dawn of a new day, wielding an olive branch in one hand symbolizing peace, and in the other hand, the torch of Liberty. The reverse features the American eagle soaring through the rays of the sun with its wings spread in majestic flight.  St. Gaudens original design called for an Ultra-High Relief strike that was impractical for general circulation, so the relief was lowered to a Business strike. Today, High-Relief St. Gaudens are highly sought after and collected.

FMV Prices for Rare Coin Price Guide last updated 03/08/2021
1907 High Reliefdown$15,440 down$16,060 down$19,810 down$23,310 down$41,030
1907 High Relief Flat Rim Prf.-- -- -- -- --
1907 High Relief Wire Rim Prf.down$24,690 down$27,190 down$32,310 down$39,380 down$68,130
1907 High Relief Letter Edge Prf.-- -- -- -- --
1907 No Mottodown$2,780 down$2,810 down$2,940 down$3,060 down$3,440
1908 No Mottodown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$2,900
1908 D No Mottodown$2,630 down$2,660 down$2,940 down$3,060 down$6,160
1908 W/Mottodown$2,380 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$4,500 down$12,810
1908 W/M Proof$13,130 $16,880 $27,500 $38,750 down$96,880
1908 D W/Mottodown$2,530 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$5,000
1908 Sdown$12,160 down$14,690 down$20,940 $30,440 $48,130
1909down$2,530 down$2,810 down$2,940 $5,810 down$37,500
1909 Proof$13,130 $17,500 $27,500 $43,130 $93,130
1909/8down$2,810 down$3,130 down$4,220 down$10,780 down$43,130
1909 D$3,340 down$4,530 down$6,310 down$8,940 down$34,450
1909 Sdown$2,420 down$2,440 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$4,470
1910down$2,380 down$2,440 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$6,810
1910 Proof$13,130 $18,750 down$33,130 $48,130 $95,550
1910 Ddown$2,380 down$2,440 down$2,590 down$2,720 down$3,020
1910 Sdown$2,380 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$2,750 down$5,410
1911down$2,380 down$2,440 down$2,590 down$3,690 down$14,690
1911 Proof$13,130 $19,380 $27,500 $38,750 $84,380
1911 Ddown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$3,020
1911 Sdown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$3,970
1912down$2,420 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$4,590 down$24,640
1912 Proof$13,130 down$18,000 $27,500 $38,750 $97,500
1913down$2,420 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$5,470 down$47,130
1913 Proof$13,130 down$18,000 $27,500 $38,750 $89,050
1913 Ddown$2,380 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$5,130
$20 St. GaudensFMV
1913 Sdown$2,910 down$3,590 down$4,220 down$7,660 down$40,630
1914down$2,530 down$2,540 down$3,000 down$4,530 down$21,260
1914 Proof$13,130 $20,940 $29,690 $38,750 $87,750
1914 Ddown$2,380 down$2,440 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$3,060
1914 Sdown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$3,020
1915down$2,380 down$2,540 down$2,590 down$4,590 down$26,560
1915 Proof$13,130 $18,750 $26,400 $39,000 down$107,250
1915 Sdown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,640 down$2,840 down$3,220
1916 Sdown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$3,020
1920down$2,380 down$2,440 down$2,590 down$4,090 $122,850
1920 S$60,630 $73,130 $89,060 down$160,630 down$315,630
1921down$105,630 down$119,380 down$215,630 down$425,000 $718,750
1922down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,590 down$2,680 down$3,560
1922 Sdown$2,850 down$3,720 down$4,090 down$6,340 down$53,130
1923down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,480 down$2,680 down$4,030
1923 Ddown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,680 down$3,020
1924down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$2,900
1924 Ddown$5,000 down$5,470 down$7,190 down$11,250 down$92,950
1924 Sdown$4,470 down$7,470 down$9,660 down$15,440 down$92,950
1925down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$2,900
1925 D$5,720 down$7,530 down$9,780 down$16,060 down$97,180
1925 Sdown$9,220 down$10,720 down$15,440 down$44,140 down$195,000
1926down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$3,190
1926 Ddown$16,560 down$17,910 down$20,940 down$44,690 $201,500
1926 S$3,590 $5,030 down$6,310 down$8,470 down$22,190
1927down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$2,900
1927 D$570,000 $870,000 $1,312,500 down$1,531,250 down$1,937,500
1927 Sdown$29,690 $34,380 down$48,130 $65,630 down$190,630
1928down$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$2,900
1929$25,630 $30,940 down$42,190 down$50,630 down$78,130
$20 St. GaudensFMV
1930 S$75,630 $83,130 down$131,250 down$162,500 down$190,630
1931down$35,940 $48,130 down$75,000 down$91,560 down$129,380
1931 D$35,630 $53,440 down$75,630 down$96,880 down$144,380
1932$27,810 $34,380 $68,750 $93,130 down$105,630
Typedown$2,380 down$2,400 down$2,440 down$2,530 down$2,900
Proof Type$13,130 $16,880 $27,500 $38,750 $84,380

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