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The Morgan Silver Dollar is America’s most collected coin, with a rich history straight from the old Wild West. Born out of the rich silver mines of Nevada’s legendary Comstock Lode, that turned small mining camps into large bustling cities and western enterprise. Minted from 1878 to 1904, and then once again in 1921, before retiring as America’s most popular coin. This large, hefty, handsome, historic silver dollar is named after its designer, United States Mint Engraver George T. Morgan. The obverse depicts a profile portrait representing Lady Liberty, while the reverse depicts an American eagle with wings outstretched, clutching both an olive branch and 3 arrows in its talons, symbolizing peace, yet ready for war. There are 96 different date-and-mintmark combinations in the Morgan dollar series, not counting the hundreds of distinct ‘VAM’ Morgan dollar varieties. These big, beautiful Silver coins are known for their value, quality of strike, design and beauty. Building a complete date set is an enjoyable numismatic pursuit or collecting Proof or GSA issues is popular. Carson City CC mintmark, the only double mintmark from the U.S. Mint, are some of the most coveted coins in the Morgan Dollar series.

FMV Prices for Rare Coin Price Guide last updated 03/05/2021
1878 8TFdown$264 down$276 down$344 down$488 down$1,310
1878 7/8TF Strdown$240 down$252 down$350 down$500 down$1,910
1878 7TFdown$110 down$115 down$150 down$238 down$860
1878 7TF Rev '79down$240 down$264 down$344 down$544 down$2,000
1878 CCdown$402 down$408 down$480 down$563 down$1,380
1878 Sdown$73 down$74 down$83 down$125 down$325
1879down$62 down$68 down$86 down$144 down$550
1879 CCdown$5,190 down$5,580 down$7,440 down$9,590 down$25,440
1879 CC Capdown$4,770 down$5,160 down$6,250 down$9,190 down$44,060
1879 Odown$120 down$150 down$294 down$569 down$2,780
1879 S Rev '78down$620 down$880 down$1,500 down$3,560 down$7,810
1879 Sdown$72 down$73 down$78 down$88 down$163
1880down$54 $58 down$78 down$126 down$513
1880 CC Rev '78down$830 down$870 down$980 down$1,470 down$2,380
1880 CCdown$540 down$552 down$630 down$700 down$1,060
1880 Odown$132 down$162 down$425 down$1,470 down$15,630
1880 Sdown$54 down$55 down$65 down$82 down$163
1881$54 down$58 down$80 down$126 $500
1881 CCdown$528 down$540 down$582 down$640 down$780
1881 Odown$54 down$56 down$70 down$156 down$990
1881 Sdown$54 down$55 down$65 down$82 down$163
1882down$54 down$56 down$70 down$96 down$313
1882 CCdown$276 down$288 down$300 down$325 down$425
1882 Odown$55 down$58 down$71 down$120 down$630
1882 O/S$258 down$288 $920 down$1,590 down$34,380
1882 S$54 down$58 down$65 down$85 down$163
1883down$54 down$56 down$67 down$86 $163
1883 CCdown$276 down$288 down$294 down$313 down$394
1883 Odown$53 down$54 down$65 down$77 down$163
Morgan DollarsFMV
1883 Sdown$1,320 down$1,530 down$2,280 down$4,660 down$36,880
1884down$55 $58 $70 down$89 down$231
1884 CCdown$276 down$288 down$294 down$313 down$400
1884 Odown$52 down$53 down$65 down$77 down$163
1884 Sdown$12,160 down$19,690 down$39,380 down$158,130 down$275,000
1885down$53 $54 down$65 down$79 down$163
1885 CCdown$700 down$710 down$730 down$760 down$1,080
1885 Odown$53 down$54 down$65 down$77 down$163
1885 Sdown$318 down$342 down$414 down$660 $1,530
1886down$53 down$54 down$65 down$77 down$163
1886 Odown$1,350 down$1,560 down$2,940 down$9,090 $212,500
1886 S$396 down$408 down$563 down$780 down$1,840
1887down$53 down$54 down$65 down$77 down$163
1887/6down$342 down$420 down$525 down$910 down$1,940
1887 Odown$90 down$100 $150 down$406 down$1,970
1887/6 O$690 down$1,380 down$1,880 down$4,030 $34,450
1887 S$162 down$174 down$244 down$550 down$1,530
1888down$53 $54 down$65 down$79 down$163
1888 Odown$64 down$66 down$70 down$102 down$363
1888 Sdown$372 down$390 down$480 down$860 down$2,340
1889$53 down$54 down$65 down$79 down$200
1889 CCdown$25,310 down$27,810 down$35,940 down$85,630 down$356,250
1889 Odown$288 down$318 down$390 down$790 down$3,160
1889 S$282 down$312 down$369 down$600 down$1,440
1890down$53 down$54 down$66 $125 down$920
1890 CCdown$640 down$670 down$1,140 down$1,410 down$4,060
1890 Odown$92 down$106 down$150 $275 down$1,210
1890 Sdown$90 down$92 down$138 down$275 down$960
1891down$90 down$110 down$156 down$500 down$2,530
1891 CCdown$620 down$650 down$890 down$1,250 down$3,290
Morgan DollarsFMV
1891 Odown$252 down$282 down$420 down$740 down$4,410
1891 Sdown$132 down$144 down$204 down$531 down$1,180
1892down$390 down$450 down$552 down$1,050 down$2,840
1892 CCdown$1,620 down$1,740 down$2,160 down$2,690 down$6,030
1892 Odown$330 down$400 down$469 down$840 down$3,060
1892 Sdown$50,630 down$67,810 down$79,380 down$150,000 $212,500
1893down$1,200 down$1,320 down$1,720 down$2,410 down$5,030
1893 CCdown$5,410 down$5,720 down$6,590 down$15,440 down$80,310
1893 Odown$4,560 down$4,840 down$7,500 down$17,940 $200,000
1893 Sdown$187,500 down$210,630 down$248,130 down$300,000 down$568,750
1894down$3,380 down$3,560 down$4,810 down$7,690 down$35,310
1894 Odown$1,740 down$2,310 down$3,910 down$7,660 down$51,560
1894 Sdown$960 down$1,180 down$1,590 down$2,560 down$5,660
1895 Proof-- -- -- -- --
1895 Odown$15,630 down$22,060 down$53,130 $84,380 $237,500
1895 Sdown$4,940 down$5,630 down$6,750 down$8,750 down$19,060
1896down$53 down$54 down$65 down$79 down$163
1896 O$1,840 $2,470 down$5,160 down$39,060 $175,000
1896 S$2,940 down$3,530 down$4,190 down$4,590 $12,500
1897down$54 $55 down$65 down$79 down$238
1897 Odown$1,260 down$1,630 down$4,030 down$11,560 $64,380
1897 Sdown$96 $104 down$169 down$231 down$525
1898down$54 down$55 down$65 down$79 $175
1898 Odown$53 down$54 down$65 down$80 down$163
1898 Sdown$390 down$438 down$630 down$850 down$1,560
1899down$288 down$294 down$330 down$354 down$820
1899 O$54 down$55 $65 down$80 down$163
1899 Sdown$528 down$570 down$690 down$940 down$1,840
1900down$53 $55 $66 down$84 down$163
1900 O$54 down$55 down$65 down$80 $163
Morgan DollarsFMV
1900 O/CCdown$480 down$600 down$810 down$1,060 down$1,880
1900 Sdown$342 down$372 down$519 down$670 down$1,440
1901down$3,630 down$4,440 down$10,470 down$59,060 down$328,130
1901 O$54 down$55 down$65 down$88 down$169
1901 Sdown$576 down$710 $920 $1,440 down$2,660
1902down$132 down$144 down$210 down$256 down$300
1902 Odown$53 $55 down$65 down$80 down$169
1902 S$438 down$492 down$670 down$880 down$5,720
1903down$86 down$94 down$109 down$138 down$219
1903 Odown$510 down$516 down$534 down$563 down$800
1903 Sdown$5,700 $6,060 down$8,250 $9,190 down$12,440
1904$150 down$174 down$319 down$550 down$1,750
1904 O$53 down$56 down$65 down$80 down$163
1904 Sdown$3,180 down$3,570 down$4,590 down$5,310 down$9,340
Type (1878-1904)down$52 down$53 down$65 down$77 down$163
1921down$42 down$43 down$50 down$58 down$119
1921 Ddown$53 down$62 down$88 down$213 down$313
1921 Sdown$52 down$60 down$84 down$138 down$600

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