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The $5 Half Eagle Indian Head design by Bela Lyon Pratt, was key in the realization of President Theodore Roosevelt’s renaissance of American coinage. This new design was an innovative departure from previous Half Eagles, with an incuse design struck “into” rather than “onto” the planchet, with no raised edges. The obverse features a stoic Indian chief surrounded by 13 small stars and inscription “Liberty” along with the date. The reverse features a proud bald eagle with a cluster of arrows and an olive branch beneath the talons, symbolic of war and peace, with four inscriptions within and around the eagle motif. This new design was not immediately accepted by the public, because of concerns about dirt and germs getting caught in the coin crevasses, spreading disease, which was false. The Gold Indian design, also on the Quarter Eagle, would endure on American coins in the early 20th Century, until the Gold Recall Act by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1933. Indian Head Half Eagles were issued annually from 1908 through 1916, when production was suspended for 13 years, resuming for one last hurrah in 1929 before the series ended for good in the face of the Great Depression.

FMV Prices for Rare Coin Price Guide last updated 03/04/2021
1908down$880 down$980 down$1,280 down$2,220 down$7,940
1908 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $15,280 down$23,750 $50,830
1908 Ddown$880 down$1,040 down$1,280 down$2,220 down$28,410
1908 S$3,200 down$6,090 $8,190 down$12,580 down$20,150
1909down$880 down$980 down$1,290 down$2,440 down$8,520
1909 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $14,110 down$25,310 $53,330
1909 Ddown$880 down$980 down$1,200 down$1,980 down$7,500
1909 Odown$26,560 down$41,560 down$94,250 $155,250 $510,250
1909 Sdown$3,220 down$6,190 down$12,580 down$24,100 down$56,550
1910down$880 down$980 down$1,280 down$2,340 down$9,810
1910 Proof$6,880 $8,130 down$16,710 down$25,350 $53,330
1910 Ddown$880 down$1,380 down$2,160 down$8,680 $31,530
1910 Sdown$1,780 down$2,910 down$9,560 down$24,770 down$63,790
1911down$880 down$980 down$1,280 down$2,220 down$8,870
1911 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $14,110 $20,000 $46,580
1911 Ddown$8,690 down$15,310 down$37,380 down$80,330 $270,000
1911 Sdown$1,040 down$1,840 down$3,440 down$14,760 $49,280
1912down$880 down$980 down$1,310 down$2,380 down$8,290
1912 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $14,110 $21,450 $49,280
1912 Sdown$2,910 down$4,940 down$16,560 $31,530 down$227,500
1913down$880 down$980 down$1,280 down$2,310 down$9,040
1913 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $14,110 $20,800 $48,260
1913 Sdown$2,340 down$4,220 down$12,250 down$19,830 down$119,480
1914down$880 down$1,040 $1,840 down$2,930 down$14,510
1914 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $14,300 $21,450 $49,280
1914 Ddown$890 down$1,040 down$2,030 down$4,580 down$20,050
1914 Sdown$2,470 down$3,970 down$7,970 $51,350 down$155,250
1915down$880 down$1,040 down$1,280 down$2,500 down$8,870
1915 Proof$6,880 $8,130 $14,110 $22,430 $60,410
$5 IndiansFMV
1915 Sdown$3,590 down$6,470 down$12,310 down$51,350 $126,230
1916 Sdown$1,380 down$2,130 down$3,660 down$7,570 down$39,830
1929down$31,880 down$34,450 down$36,560 down$43,880 down$111,380
Typedown$880 down$980 down$1,200 down$1,980 down$7,500
Proof Type$6,600 $8,130 $14,110 $20,000 $46,580

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