Some of the most beautifully struck Morgan Dollars are graded and certified as having “proof-like” surfaces. NGC and PCGS proof-like graded coins are designated with a “PL” abbreviation by. Listed here are all PL coins, but certainly PL Morgans are widely available to any level of collector.


A proof-like coin results form highly polished or new dies as a normal striking of regular issue coinage. As such, a proof-like coin appears to have a near proof coin reflection. Proof-like coins would occur in the earliest strikes. In numismatics, a proof-like dollar was originally considered a piece with a mirror surface. Today, “proof-like” sometimes refers to a piece which has satiny luster and appears proof-like when the coin is held up to a light at an angle, reflecting off the surface. The terms Deep Proof-like (DPL) and Deep Mirror Proof-like (DMPL) evolved over time, with Deep Mirror Proof-like coming to mean a piece with mirror-like surfaces. DMPL Morgan Dollar is not related in any way with a Proof Morgan Dollar. Even the DMPL Morgans where struck with business dies and intended for circulation. However, Proof Morgans where struck with highly polished proof dies because they were intended for collecting and presentations.

Finest Known makes it a point to select the best proof-like Morgan Dollars for customers to purchase, and takes in several considerations. Some of the factors influencing what he believes supports the best values for proof-like Morgan dollar are location of bagmarks, the eye appeal of the mirror quality, reflective contrast, the apparent strength of the strike, and of course, rarity and popularity.

You will discover that the select inventory at Finest Known has superior reflective or mirror-like surfaces that make these coins immediately noticeable. Depending on the depth or reflectivity and contrast, the are among the most beautiful circulation strike examples of both the series and denomination. Obvioulsy, Proof-Like Demand Proof-like and Deep Mirror Proof-like Morgans command a premium price. If a PL or DMPL coin has excellent aesthetic value and the price of a PL or DMPL coin is close to that of similar type in regular certified Mint State, the PL or DMPL is certainly preferred. Overall, the exceptional DMPL deep mirror proof-like and PL, also noted as prooflike, Morgan Dollars represent a rewarding collecting opportunity that will be very popular with general collectors, specialists and investors alike, for centuries to come.