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Tiberius AR Denarius NGC Ch XF


Lugdunum. rv Livia as Pax

AD 14-37

Biblical “Tribute Penny”

Coins of the Bible, “Tiberius Silver Denarius”

Roman Emperor Tiberius was in his forties when a little baby boy was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Little did the world know, especially the Roman world, the impact this little boy called Jesus would have for the past 2,000 years.

In AD 14 Tiberius became Emperor of Rome and ruled until AD 37. He has become notorious among Roman historians for his cruelty as a tyrant and his sensual deviancies. But he is most well known to the populace as the emperor of Rome during the life of Jesus.

The coinage of Tiberius is synonymous with the Bible. It is believed by biblical scholars that his silver denarius, like the one pictured here, was referenced in Matthew 22:15-22. During a teaching of Jesus, He asked to see a coin used to pay taxes to Rome, and He was shown what has become known as a “tribute penny”. Many of us have heard the reference, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. It is widely accepted that coin was a silver denarius of Tiberius.

These coins are tremendous treasures of history and have become very difficult to acquire. Finest Known has secured a very small selection of these incredibly desirable coins. We are proud to offer them here for prices that we guarantee you cannot find elsewhere if you can find them at all.

These coins are a must have for anyone seeking to complete a “Twelve Caesars” collection. They have been extremely popular and with the growing global demand for ancient Roman coins, these coins represent an outstanding opportunity to add to, or get started with this exciting market segment.


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AD 14-37


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