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Silver Denari of Emperor Septimus Severus certified by NGC

$800.00 $129.00

I have been studying, collecting, and investing in rare coins for decades. I have bought, traded, and sold some of the most exciting and valuable coins in the world, but ancient coins are especially dear to my heart. There’s a good reason for this: They are exceedingly rare and historical and have an outstanding track record of increasing in value over time. In fact, choice coins from the early Roman Empire have increased in value no less than five-fold in the last decade!
These ancient tangible works of art have always been popular, but with the advent of third-party certification, their appeal to an international audience has exploded, and I don’t think we have seen anything yet.
It is often said, buy the book before the coin. That is why we have put this no-risk package together. For only $129 you will receive my new book ‘Gold Coins of Ancient Rome’, a membership to Finest Known’s Legacy Collectors First Shot Club, a $100 Redeemable Pure Gold Certificate, and an 1,800-year-old silver denarius from the Emperor Severus dated AD-193. 

The whole package is a $800 value, but I am completely convinced that you will be
compelled by this exploding opportunity, that for a limited time, I am offering this
introduction into the ancient world for only $129.


*Coin Shown is Sample only, Actual Certification numbers will vary. 

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